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Zimmerli Blog

Zimmerli Blog

Mindful moments in sustainable handmade styles. The new Zimmerli of Switzerland fall/winter collection "Winter Garden" stands for urban lifestyle in harmony with nature, for puristic luxury of well-being.

Is it possible to take a company that has been operating as a manufactory for 150 years into the digital age within just 12 months? Zimmerli of Switzerland, manufacturer of the finest day and nightwear since 1871, has managed it thanks to a strong and motivated team.

Slow fashion with a future: A vision for your own personal exit from the fashion spiral

Zimmerli has consistently relied on natural resources since 1871. Your skin and the environment love it.

"We don't let anyone take away our freedom of movement" - this initially ambiguous sentence has been on the homepage of pioneering Swiss company and lingerie manufacturer Zimmerli of Switzerland since Tuesday of this week. The words are underpinned by an evocative image of a couple dressed in underwear, looking confidently at the camera - usually one of the advertising subjects of the world-famous brand with almost 150 years of tradition.

How do you care for the finest underwear in the world? Learn from Quality Manager Gisela Herzig how easy it is to wash Zimmerli of Switzerland underwear. Hygiene is taken into account, colors and shapes are preserved.

Zimmerli of Switzerland convinces with a fresh appearance and lived sustainability. The spring/summer collection 2021 dives into wonderful sea gardens and is a tribute to underwater nature. The collection captivates with shimmering surfaces, flowing shapes and unlimited creativity thanks to "mix & match" possibilities.

Managing Director János Heé and Production Manager Andreas Frei visit the Zimmerli production facility in Ticino, Switzerland. Finally, after almost two months, work can resume here. Half of the seamstresses are back on the job, in strict compliance with safety measures. This is good and important, because they are "the heart of the company". All Zimmerli products are sewn by hand from the best materials.

The independent product label MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® distinguishes products that are harmless to health and have been manufactured in environmentally friendly factories.