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Natural for your skin

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Zimmerli has consistently relied on natural resources since 1871. Your skin and the environment love it.

The largest organ of the human body - the skin - is soft and absorbent. That is precisely why it is important to protect it from harmful substances. Underwear lies directly on the skin. Since the company was founded in 1871, Zimmerli has been offering its customers the pure and harmless closeness between skin and textiles.

Andreas Frei, responsible for procurement and production, presents the sustainable approach within the entire value Zimmerlisure.

A carefree feeling on the skin thanks to environmental awareness

"The environmentally friendly mindset is part of Zimmerli's DNA. This attitude is practiced throughout the entire value chain: from the extraction of raw materials to the completion of the product, at Zimmerli every step of the process is as environmentally conscious as possible," says Andreas Frei, who as COO of Zimmerli of Switzerland is responsible for procurement and production. Zimmerli, for example, meets all the requirements of environmentally friendly and socially responsible production operations, guaranteed by the "STeP by OEKO-TEX®" certification.

Quality instead of quantity in the age of mass production

In the production facilities in Mendrisio, the quality of the final products has top priority.

This mentality can be found even in the early stages of the company in the nineteenth century. In times of industrialization and thus mass production, Zimmerli has always remained true to its values. Even today, the Swiss textile company produces consciously and continues to focus on quality rather than quantity, as numerous other fashion companies do.

Underwear made from fibers of natural origin

A sustainable end product includes not only the method of production, but also the use of specific materials. "We source raw materials from local suppliers. 90 percent of the fiber materials are renewable and are of natural origin," says Andreas Frei. Whenever a new supplier is sought out, it must be certified with at least the "OEKO TEX® STANDARD 100". This standard stands for pollutant-free processing of raw materials and their end products. "In general, Zimmerli only uses high-quality raw materials for their products, such as cotton, wool and linen."

Pure, healthy skin and nature

The interaction of environmentally conscious production and the use of natural resources achieves what the Zimmerli DNA stands for: pure, healthy skin and nature.

Get to know our green products:

Underwear Made in Green

The "MADE IN GREEN" label stands for particularly sustainable products.

A certification that at Zimmerli mainly concerns the underwear rangeis the independent product label "MADE IN GREEN" by OEKO-TEX®. In addition to guaranteeing that the product in question has been produced without harmful substances and in an environmentally friendly manner in a socially responsible production facility, the aim of MADE IN GREEN® is to enable products to be traced. The label provides information about the production facilities in which the article was manufactured and thus offers the consumer full transparency.

Loungewear Supreme Green Cotton

SUPREME GREEN COTTON® stands for the sourcing of sustainable cotton.

You will find this standard in the loungewear products from Zimmerli. With the label "SUPREME GREEN COTTON®" Zimmerli focuses on sourcing sustainable and fairly grown cotton. Here too, transparency and traceability of the textiles are guaranteed, with the addition that the raw material is grown on certified family farms in Greece. SUPREME GREEN COTTON® stands for the European standard of social sustainability: decent wages, social security, appropriate working conditions and working hours, and regional value creation.