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How do you care for the finest underwear in the world? Learn from Quality Manager Gisela Herzig how easy it is to wash Zimmerli of Switzerland underwear. Hygiene is taken into account, colors and shapes are preserved.

When you buy the finest underwear in the world, you're investing in clothes that will look perfect against your skin time and time again. From tops to t-shirts, boxers to briefs, Zimmerli uses the highest quality materials and fabrics to ensure an unparalleled pampering experience on your skin.

Gisela Herzig, responsible for quality assurance at Zimmerli, offers tips and tricks on how to take care of the finest lingerie in the world

"From the first wear to the wash, Zimmerli products are built to last."

Handmade in Switzerland, the items are sample-worn and tested to ensure quality and durability and meet hygiene standards. This ensures that the products retain their shape and structure for years to come.

How to care for the finest underwear in the world

Since underwear is worn directly on the skin, many people prefer to wash at a higher temperature for a cleaner result and antibacterial effect. Usually, fine underwear comes with a long list of washing instructions.

"Zimmerli uses only natural fibers and high-quality fabrics. That's why caring for the world's finest underwear is easier than you think."

Finest materials - and easy to care for

If you take proper care of your Zimmerli underwear, you'll enjoy it for a long time. In general, it is important not to use strong chemical detergents or bleaches for colored underwear and for materials such as silk or wool. Also avoid washing with heavy fabrics such as jeans, towels, terry cloth and fleece, or with sharp objects such as zippers that can get tangled and damage delicate fibers.

Care of cotton underwear

Cotton is a soft, durable fabric with excellent moisture absorption that can be easily washed in a washing machine. Warm water is sufficient, but higher temperatures ensure a clean result with antibacterial properties.

"Many cotton underwear items can be washed at 60°C to achieve really clean underwear."

Zimmerli of Switzerland uses different types of cotton for its garments. Among them is the extremely rare and exclusive Sea Island cotton, which is plain in form but has a natural silk sheen comparable to the softest cashmere. Sea Island underwear can be washed at 60 degrees Celcius . The same is true, for example, of Royal Classic underwear, synonymous since 1964 with the finest underwear in the world, and the world-famous Hollywood Tank Top from the Richelieu line.

Royal Classic Shirt made of 100% cotton can be washed at 60°C.

To take the best care of your Zimmerli cotton underwear, we recommend that you separate light and dark underwear and wash them separately. Wash Zimmerli underwear and loungewear separately from towels, jeans and other materials that can damage more delicate parts.

In principle, cotton items can be dried in a tumble dryer. We recommend air drying all items. It is important to protect the items from direct sunlight, as this can damage the color.

Care of modal fiber washing

Textile fiber MicroModal represents the perfect combination of tenderness and caressing softness.

Cellulose fibers such as Micromodal or Lyocell are produced by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech wood. This natural beech fiber absorbs up to 50 percent more moisture than cotton and transports it quickly away from the skin. In addition, the Lycra content gives it maximum elasticity.

At Zimmerli of Switzerland, we use this fiber in the Pureness line, for garments that feel like a second skin. Wash cellulose fibers such as Micromodal or Lyocell at a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius and lay them out to dry on the line.

Care of wool and silk garments

Silk and wool are natural protein-based fibers that are tough and durable. When it comes to care, however, it takes flair.

At Zimmerli of Switzerland, we use pure silk in garments such as boxer shorts, bathrobes and pajamas. It has a dense weave and is wrinkle-resistant. It is also very skin-friendly and especially suitable for allergy sufferers. Silk offers excellent temperature regulation: in cool temperatures it feels comfortably warm, in warmer conditions it feels pleasantly cool.

In addition, we use a combination of silk and wool in many of our warming garments, including long johns and undershirts. The combination of cool silk fibers and warming merino wool results in an airy and elastic fabric. These garments provide an aesthetic sense of well-being for cold days.

"To care for garments made of wool or silk, we recommend washing at 30° and using a mild detergent."

It is important to use a gentle detergent. Strong chemical detergents, bleaches and whiteners can damage the delicate fabric. Be on the lookout for silk- and wool-safe detergents.

Laying your garments out flat while drying will prevent them from stretching. This will extend the life of the garment.

Care of lace underwear

Off to the washing machine - despite filigree ajouré ribs and delicate lace.

Some Zimmerli pieces, such as those from the MaudePrivé line, use the finest woven lace from the Calais region of France. These dainty garments feature design features that are hand-sewn in Switzerland.

"Machine washing of lace garments is possible. The temperature should be a maximum of 40°C."

This applies, for example, to Maude Privé icons Hipster and Top. More delicate items with lace can not be washed so warm. Depending on the item, a gentle wash at 30 degrees Celsius in a laundry bag is recommended. A laundry bag protects the delicate lace. The articles should be dried lying down, drying in a tumble dryer is not possible.

General care tips for the finest underwear in the world

- Pay attention to the label on your Zimmerli garments

- Wash light and dark garments separately

- Use a delicates detergent for delicate garments

- Wash delicates with other delicates, in
laundry bag if necessary

- Avoid washing with heavy fabrics and sharp objects

- Air drying is recommended; if you must use a dryer, select the cool option

- Never wring garments to remove water