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Zimmerli of Switzerland

The World's Finest Underwear.

Handmade in Switzerland since 1871.

Our confession

Zimmerli of Switzerland embodies authentic Swiss values in every detail. Every manufacturing step is imbued with the pursuit of perfection for an incomparably comfortable wearing experience: Carefully selected and refined natural fibers are handcrafted with the utmost precision. With outstanding Swiss craftsmanship, each piece is given the individual aura of a unique piece. The mastery and experience of a tradition since 1871 are reflected in every detail and guarantee an inimitable feeling of pampering à la Zimmerli.

Timeless purism

Pure forms resist the passage of time. In times of industrial mass production, it is more than ever a very special luxury to wear the finest fabrics and handmade lingerie. Just as rare and often sought in vain are the pieces that remain. Time passes, trends come and go, but few survive the initial enthusiasm. Zimmerli steers clear of the short-term and produces classics that don't age. Fit, shape, fabric and look deliver what they promise from the first encounter.

From the beginnings to the worldwide success story

The year was 1871, when Pauline, the wife of the entrepreneur Johann Jakob Zimmerli, went to Basel on his behalf to learn how to work with the knitting machine that had just been invented and to bring her new skills home with her. This was the starting signal for the future success of the family business and its outstanding products. Pauline Zimmerli hired the first female workers and developed the 2-needle knitting machine in 1874. Her invention revolutionized the production of ribbed fabrics and underwear.