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150 years close to women - thanks to Pauline Zimmerli

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150 years ago, Pauline Zimmerli, an inventor and mother of seven, founded the company of the same name. Strong women continue to shape Zimmerli today - such as Laetitia Wollschlegel, Head of Product Management.

Pauline Zimmerli (1829-1914) was a knitter, entrepreneur, inventor and mother all at once. As the mother of seven children, Pauline Zimmerli ran the business and at the same time invented a knitting machine that fundamentally changed the textile industry. It was now possible to produce ribbed knitted and thus elastic underwear by machine and in significantly higher quantities. Pauline Zimmerli thus developed a completely new branch of industry, made fine underwear available to a wide range of buyers and created new jobs in Switzerland.

Pauline Zimmerli and her invention, which revolutionized the textile industry.

An icon emerges

Pauline's signature is still recognizable today. Her famous double rib made it all the way to Hollywood. Classics from the Richelieu line, which is handmade in Switzerland, are worn in numerous Hollywood films and embody both style and maximum comfort. Thus, the tank top became a worldwide icon and shines not only as an undershirt, but can be mixed with any outfit.

The Iconic: The Richelieu Tank Top for men.

Zimmerli, shaped by women for 150 years

Without women, Zimmerli would not be what it is today. Icons and masterpieces are only created through careful and passionate development. From the manufactory to the management team, women exude that special Zimmerli feeling along the entire value chain, thereby shaping products and the customer experience every day.

Marija Kaspar, Head of Design, develops products at Zimmerli with full passion.

With precise craftsmanship, our seamstresses create new masterpieces every day in the Swiss manufactory in Mendrisio.

At Zimmerli, passion becomes a profession. Whether in the sewing studio or in the design department, a large number of motivated and energetic women create their own personal professional success stories in the company and are proud of it. Laetitia Wollschlegel, for example. As Head of Product Management, she has been developing the brand for ten years and shares her career story with the SWONET Swiss Women Network foundation.

To the interview

For ten years, Laetitia Wollschlegel has been shaping Zimmerli's product range in Product Management.

From the development to the creation of the products: Women have been shaping the Zimmerli success story since it was founded by Pauline Zimmerli. Thanks to passion and enthusiasm, icons and masterpieces are created that have delighted customers in Hollywood, Switzerland and around the world for 150 years.