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150 years up close - how to wear lingerie as loungewear

  • 3 min read

What was once considered intimate underwear and nightwear is now also suitable for leisure. Loungewear sweetens our daily routines. In a comfortable daytime outfit, not only do the tasks almost take care of themselves, but you also feel completely comfortable and beautiful. Lingerie is the closest thing to our body, the first thing that touches and embraces our skin. So why not integrate it into everyday life right away?

High time to get really comfortable at home and feel confident and beautiful in it. Zimmerli fan and ambassador @marianascutari tells us why she wears her Zimmerli favorites in everyday life.

Why you should wear aesthetic and quality loungewear

Even though at home we are often the only ones who see our outfit - wearing comfortable and exquisite lingerie makes us feel comfortable and beautiful in our own skin. "It is one of the currently very limited ways to give yourself a little pleasure." Right now, there is no better gift than feeling secure in your own skin and in your own home.

"What we wear can have a significant impact on our mood. Not only during the day, but also right after we wake up," says Mariana. It's the unique thing about loungewear: the guaranteed feel-good factor for the body is so high that you can snuggle up in it for the night. At the same time, loungewear is so casual that you can also leave the house carefree in it. A feel-good temple and eye-catcher at the same time. Is there anything cooler than a loungewear outfit?

Mariana likes to give herself a treat. She currently succeeds best with a Zimmerli set.

"Mix and Harmonize: Integrate loungewear perfectly into outfits while protecting the environment.

Underneath becomes over: Clothing that was once only considered nightwear and underwear is now versatile. Loungewear is not only suitable for spending the day in a full set. It's also an absolute fashion inspiration and makes looks cooler. "Our nighttime attire gives us the opportunity to show a different side of ourselves than during the day. For example, when I need a casual off-duty look during the day, I pair my favorite jeans with a lingerie top." Not only does this add variety to your closet, but it also helps keep your clothing consumption down. The more versatile you can use clothing items, the less you need of them.

What type of loungewear suits you and your skin best?

"Trying out different styles of underwear is not just about finding out what works for me visually, but also about realizing how great my body is and what it needs to stay healthy."

That's why it's recommended to choose fabrics that feel comfortable and are barely noticeable. After all, no one wants to be bothered by scratchy seams or rough fabrics while sleeping or working. "Clothing should feel light and weightless - just like a second skin." So, for getting hold of the perfect loungewear, the choice of materials is essential. Supple and natural fabrics ensure that your skin stays healthy. We owe this to our bodies, as the skin is our largest organ. "Some examples of the most suitable and carefree fabrics are natural fibers, such as cotton and silk."

Only the best materials for your skin: Zimmerli has been paying attention to exceptional quality for 150 years.

Loungewear worth it for your skin

According to habit, loungewear may be a kind of garment for which you don't want to invest money or time at the first moment. But if you think about the current circumstances, your view changes. Especially in times of a pandemic, our clothing habits changed. We are happy to be able to wear comfortable pieces and decelerate appropriately in them. "I usually put on an outfit one or two days a week and throw myself back into my comfy loungwear set as soon as I get home. But right now, there's rarely a reason to even take it off," Mariana shares. "The feeling of being comfortable at home while sleeping and during the day is worth it to me."

But it's not just within our own four walls that our skin deserves the best quality fabrics. This principle also applies to outdoor excursions. "Since I started integrating my laundry into my daily outfits, I pay much more attention to appropriate standards of all textiles," says Mariana.

For Mariana, her Zimmerli set feels like a second skin, which she enjoys wearing both at night and in everyday life.

Zimmerli of Switzerland has been using only the finest and most precious raw materials for 150 years, all with the intention that only the finest and most carefree fabrics should touch your skin. Seamstresses transform the natural fabrics by hand into exclusive underwear for men and women, giving you a perfect fit and an incomparable feeling - both at home and on the go.