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Briefs - white

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Classic briefs made from pure cotton. Only varieties of cotton with long fibres are used. Any fibres that are too short are removed before further processing, as are other impurities. Next, this high-quality cotton thread is woven to create an opaque fine-rib fabric. This is very soft and has a fine, smooth surface. Other positive features include excellent absorbency and a low allergenic potential. This fine-rib fabric is also distinguished for being very skin-friendly and having a low allergenic potential. It does not scratch and is exceptionally comfortable. It is stretchy and holds its shape very well. These briefs have a classic design with a comfortable fit. They include a wide, soft logo waistband. This is also lined with soft cotton terrycloth to guarantee unbeatable comfort. These classic briefs have a figure-hugging fit and leave plenty of legroom. They are timeless with a classic masculine look. The wearer emphasises their traditional style with these briefs.

• opaque fine rib
• classic style
• legroom
• shape retention
• logo waistband with cotton terrycloth

100% cotton