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Sea Island
T-Shirt Short Sleeve - black

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Clear contours, puristic style and a unique quality of materials - rare cotton for a one-of-a-kind natural skin feel. The t-shirt for men features a circular neckline which is bordered with a delicate band. The cuffs as well as the hem of the shirt were crafted with a nearly invisible seam to create the perfect finish. The cut itself is loose and offers pleasant wearing comfort.

This t-shirt for men with a circular neckline from our Sea Island line impresses with a cotton fabric of the finest quality. This extremely rare cotton is harvested on the island of Barbados, a stunning paradise and home to a special cotton plant that produces fibres of unique and superb quality. Our Sea Island Cotton styles are hand-sewn and knitted in Switzerland – with a passion that we’re particularly proud of. These handcrafted styles create a natural, second skin feel that can’t be described by words alone.

100% cotton