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150 years close to nature - sustainability as part of the DNA

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For 150 years, the responsible treatment of nature has been a guiding principle in the thoughts and actions of Zimmerli of Switzerland. What is at best a trend in the fashion industry today, the company has been living out since its founding in 1871: No-Waste, local sourcing and environmentally friendly production of the finest underwear from natural materials.

The World's finest Underwear - that's what Zimmerli of Switzerland has stood for for 150 years. Since its founding by Pauline Zimmerli in 1871, sustainability has been an integral part of the company's DNA. Based on carefully selected materials from local suppliers, all styles are handcrafted, making them unique icons to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

No-Waste and Slow Fashion

Did you know that Zimmerli of Switzerland produces collections only once, making a significant contribution to the no-waste principle?

At Zimmerli of Switzerland, even the look of the collections is inspired by nature: The latest spring/summer collection has the theme "Ocean Meadows."

Since its inception, Zimmerli of Switzerland has focused on quality over quantity: sustainable and fine rather than cheap and abundant. Through careful planning based on 150 years of experience and long-standing trade partnerships, the manufactory produces according to demand. The goal is that every item produced is sold. However, there is a small catch: if customers wait too long, an item may already be sold out. Also in the spirit of slow fashion, Zimmerli of Switzerland does not constantly create new collections. For matching styles to the seasons, two seasonal collections are produced per year. Not to be worn only 6 months but in every coming summer or winter again. The handmade styles and thus unique pieces of Zimmerli of Switzerland should give a lifetime of pleasure - for customers and thus also for nature.

Local sourcing and transparency

Zimmerli of Switzerland has lived and loved its closeness to nature for 150 years and transfers this to its underwear, nightwear and loungewear. A key pillar in the sustainability strategy is the personal relationship with local partners. All fabrics are developed with local suppliers who are strictly certified according to environmental and social practices. This creates transparency from yarn to collection. More than 80 percent of the added value is generated in Switzerland. Transparency, strict certified control and the short transport routes sustainably protect the environment.

Visit to the local knitting mill on Lake Constance in Switzerland, the local partner of Zimmerli of Switzerland for the classic styles Richelieu and Royal Classic. Unique know-how passed down through generations.

Made in Switzerland: Zimmerli of Switzerland's own local sewing factory in Ticino, in the south of Switzerland.

Finest underwear made from organic fabrics

Zimmerli of Switzerland consciously relies on organic materials. Around 90 percent of the selected fibers are natural. Only the choicest fibers from certified farms make it into the selection, so that the claim of the world's finest underwear can be lived up to. For the remaining 10 percent synthetic fibers, which are used in particular for lace and cuffs, alternatives are constantly being tested.

Zimmerli of Switzerland works with natural fabrics that are guaranteed free of harmful substances - and meet the claim of the finest underwear, nightwear and loungewear in the world.