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Pyjama Short

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Short pyjamas for men made from mercerised cotton. A special refinement process is used to restore the cotton\\'s sheen, which it lost during the natural drying process after harvesting. Then the high-quality thread is used to create a cotton jersey fabric. This is very stretchy and exceptionally soft. It is also highly durable and hard wearing. These short pyjamas come in a slim-fit style and are very comfortable. The pyjamas have a relaxed drape and offer casual comfort with plenty of freedom to move. Stitched underarms prevent the seams protruding excessively. The closing seams are worked using a 4-thread overlock technique, which produces a particularly lovely seam edge. The V-neck is finished with a contrasting trim. The chest pocket on the left-hand side features fine piping as a stylish, fashionable detail. The shorts in these pyjamas are knee-length and offer a perfect fit. These short pyjamas offer contemporary understatement and are ideal for seeing out the day in style when temperatures are warm.

• mercerised cotton
• slim-fit, comfortable style
• freedom to move
• with chest pocket
• stylish & masculine

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