Cuddly fabrics and extravagant opulence are the main themes running through ‘Winter Moments’. Sumptuous embroidery and warm colours bask in the spotlight.

The ‘Winter Moments’ collection was inspired by the magical light of the cold winter months. The high-quality wool and silk blend has a warming, temperature-regulating effect. Both fabrics are natural fibres and are therefore particularly skin-friendly. Thanks to its high moisture-wicking properties, the fabric blend always guarantees top comfort and ultimate feel-good wear.

The opulent Guipure embroidery on four different tops is a true treat for the eyes. Whether along the hem of the sleeveless top and elegant turtleneck or as the eye-catching finishing touch on the neckline of the short- and long-sleeved shirts, this intricate embroidery is perfect for a stylish ready-to-wear look.