From the very first encounter, the top quality of Zimmerli’s finest fabrics and handmade lingerie speaks for itself. The sophisticated details and designs offer immediate sensory feedback, guaranteeing an absolutely exclusive experience when it comes to style and feel.

But what is it that makes Zimmerli the world’s finest underwear?

The World’s Finest Underwear

When it comes to designing the world’s finest underwear, Marija Kaspar, Head of Design at Zimmerli, says it all comes down to one thing. Quality.

“Zimmerli’s DNA can be described as quintessential refinement,” Kaspar says. “In design, it is the product of a unique combination of color sophistication, original designs and the very finest fabrics. Quality, though, is number one. It starts with the yarn.”


Marija Kaspar, Head of Design at Zimmerli of Switzerland

Highest Quality Fabrics

Since 1871 Zimmerli has used only the best and most valuable raw materials. The outstanding properties of pure grège silk, merino wool and cotton with their high-quality natural fibers create an incomparable pampering experience on your skin. The selection of raw materials already embodies the claim of excellence.

“Our finest qualities are super thin and high in gauge,” Kaspar says. “Additionally, with highly twisted mercerized yarns we are able to produce super delicate - and at the same time durable - underwear that looks great and will last.”

Whether it’s sourcing the world’s most exclusive cotton or working with sustainable, CO2 neutral materials, Zimmerli strives to create an unmatched quality in its handmade underwear and lingerie.

Swiss craftsmanship with passion

“We are buying fabrics from local suppliers that are reachable within hours from our office,” Kaspar says. “Furthermore, we strive to collaborate with suppliers certified with Greenpower, Öko Tex, Blue Sign and other sustainable practices.”

Sea Island Cotton

Sea Island Cotton, for example, uses the most exclusive cotton available, hand-picked in Barbados. Zimmerli is the first manufacturer to create garments using the extremely rare Sea Island cotton, which creates products that are both silky soft and durable. “Its touch is unmatched and features an incomparably smooth texture,” Kaspar says.

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The Pureness line, on the other hand, is developed with the textile fiber MicroModal, which represents the perfect combination of delicacy and caressing softness. “This is one of our premium stretch qualities and it feels like second skin,” Kaspar says. “This quality today is CO2 neutral, which means it is sustainable and leaves zero carbon dioxide in the air. It is also carbon brushed, in order to achieve low pilling.

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Handmade Underwear

The world’s finest underwear starts with the yarn, but it’s the process of spinning the fabric and working with the best materials in the world, which highlights the quality. “The design process starts with draping the fabric in order to achieve the desired shapes,” Kaspar says.

“We turn laces and embroideries into motifs or placements. Groups are sketched, and trims are placed into development. In the end, it’s really about combining an original design creation with good quality handwork.”

Since 1874, Zimmerli has used an exclusive, double needle knitting machine, invented by founder Pauline Zimmerli. The machine was the impetus for manufacturing ribbed fabrics and underwear in Switzerland, which still continues today.

Handmade Lingerie

Pauline Zimmerli’s legacy continues to live on through the handmade lingerie that continues to be produced by hand in Switzerland.

Among the most famous of Zimmerli’s handmade lingerie are the Richelieu line, which uses a unique and sophisticated knitting process that dates back to the 1930s. For more than 50 years, Zimmerli has adopted the flat knit machine in order to knit a super fine, long staple, two-ply yarn, which characterises the luxurious comfort and makes every Richelieu item a unique article, handmade in Switzerland.

“As a result, the quality is refined and light,” Kaspar says. “It creates the legendary soft touch.”

The Maude Privé line also stands out of its attention to detail. The lingerie and negligé is handmade in Switzerland and consists of 100% pure cotton. The sophisticated ribbed fabric is created as a single loop, which means the dainty garments in this range have no side seams. “The Maude Privé line has been handmade in Switzerland for more than 15 years,” Kaspar says. The ajouré rib consists of pure cotton and conceals beautiful little design features while being slightly translucent.

The luxury fabrics of the world’s finest underwear

Whether it’s cotton or micromodal cellulose fibre, the quality of Zimmerli’s handmade underwear lies in the properties of the materials used. “Cotton is a natural fiber that is breathable, soft, hypoallergenic, comfortable and durable,” Kaspar says. “Micromodal, on the other hand, is a cellulose fiber that is silky smooth, shrink resistant and moisture-wicking.”

One important feature of all Zimmerli materials, Kaspar says, is that items can be washed at at least 40 degrees and will hold their shape and structure over the years.

The Cotton De Luxe line, for example, uses mercerized cotton, which uses a modal yarn that is pulled long, then is twisted to make it super thin, soft and durable. The items can even be put in the tumbler without worry. “Zimmerli uses all-natural fibers and premium fabrics,” she says. “It’s in the DNA of the company to keep production over quality.”

Swiss Quality

In order to ensure the highest, Swiss-quality products, Zimmerli’s handcrafted underwear goes through a rigorous quality process during the development of new fabrics. First, Zimmerli looks for suppliers who produce under the MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® certificate, which ensure products are safe for human health and are produced in environmentally-friendly facilities. Additionally, feel and appearance are checked, to ensure the fabric’s durability over time, then technical reports are done to observe shrinkage values, swirl, burst pressure or tear resistance, seam slide resistance, pilling, elongation and fastness properties. After, products undergo a10-fold washing in a household washing machine in Aarburg, Switzerland, and the washing pilling and appearance is checked after multiple cycles. Finally, the quality of sewing is checked, and the samples are worn to ensure the legendary Zimmerli feel remains.

Warehouse in Mendrisio, Switzerland

The best choice for high quality underwear

Throughout history, Zimmerli has stayed true to its values and passion for craft, innovative design methods and commitment to use the finest materials. Developing the world’s finest underwear comes with commitment to history and the future. Feel the quality of the traditional craftsmanship with every touch; manifest evidence of the hard-won expertise that has been handed down over many generations.