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Light briefs that are produced using pure cotton. The high-quality cotton undergoes mercerisation to further refine its properties. This gives it a new fibre structure and restores the sheen it lost during the natural drying process after harvesting. The mercerised cotton will no longer shrink and it is very strong. The cotton is then woven to produce a single jersey fabric. This material shimmers like silk and is slightly translucent. It is very stretchy and thin. These briefs feature a classic design. They have a fly opening and a high waist band in a wide design for added comfort. The high-quality single jersey can absorb lots of moisture and dries very quickly. The briefs are ultralight and can barely be detected against the skin. The leg trim is flat and not at all restrictive. These briefs represent a classic underwear style, which combines the silky shimmer and simple elegance of cotton fabric with exceptional comfort to produce unbeatable luxury.

• mercerised cotton
• with fly opening
• high waistband
• silky shimmer
• classic and ultralight

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