As part of its selective distribution expansion in the best locations in the world, Zimmerli of Switzerland has opened its first Flagship Store in its home market. On a well-trafficked high street in Interlaken Zimmerli presents is men’s and women’s collections.

Following the opening of its first shop-in-shops in Jelmoli, Zurich, in February 2013, the traditional Swiss brand presents the world of Zimmerli on 35 m2 in the very popular tourist resort thereby perfectly integrating itself on the high street that serves tourist traffic through Europe.

The specially developed Zimmerli space concept for boutiques and shop-in-shops in the mall offers our luxurious collection the ideal ambiance and environment. The high-quality colours and material concept that one sees and feels perfectly matches our positioning requirements.

The boutique will be operated by Kirchhofer AG. The Kirchhofer speciality shops are reputed for excellent quality and outstanding, multi-lingual customer service. They offer the world's widest range of Swiss watch brands, an attractive assortment of jewellery, leather goods from renowned designer, and a large choice of gifts and souvenirs.


Zimmerli of Switzerland presents, for the first time, a „Cruise Collection“ with select day and night wear highlights. These will be available from mid-November 2014, and are targeted at a clientele that is longing for spring already mid-season.

Cruise or Resort Collections, as they are sometimes called, were traditionally intended to attire ladies of leisure who fled the cities in the north of the USA at the start of winter for a sailing trip or a cruise to escape the cold. Cruise Collections therefore continue to be often sporty, with a slight maritime character and are stylistically very practical.

Those ranges that are determined for wear between winter and spring, that are delivered to retailers relatively early in late autumn are commercially very attractive for the trade thanks to their long life cycle. The Zimmerli Cruise Collection will be available for sale from the 15th of November 2014.

Zimmerli of Switzerland presents two selections for women; 274 Niya day wear and 271 Niya sleep wear, made up of a Spaghetti Top, Top NS, String, Rio Brief, Hipster, Nighty NS, Big Shirt SS, Pyjama SS and a Kimono in off white, aqua sky und pearl blush.

The Cruise Collection for men is very varied. Besides the day wear range Piqué Como, there are pyjamas made of 100% cotton with a matching gown, polo shirts with paisley swimming trunks and a home dress made of the pleasant mix of cotton/linen.


Zimmerli of Switzerland is launching three new Basic Collections in 2014. AVA and MADISON, the two women’s collections promise to become classics. With PIQUÉ COMO in the men’s collection, Zimmerli is targeting a whole new market segment.

AVA tantalizes with Calais lace

This markedly feminine range displays a floral woven lace design on a tulle base from Calais. The mercerised cotton is knitted to body width and therefore perfectly moulds itself to any figure. Three different tops (Spaghetti Top, Top, Shirt SS) and bottoms (String, Hipster, Panty) in black and white are available in sizes XS-XL. Zimmerli has now reintroduced a V string to the Basic Collection.

The straightforward clear design of MADISON
This classic-sporty elegant range is knitted without side seams and its 6x6 rib structure provides the perfect shape. Made of breathable mercerised cotton, these tops can also be worn as outdoor shirts. The soft elastic net supplements the nearly opaque ribbed knit underlining the straightforwardness of this collection. MADISON is available as Spaghetti Top, Top, Shirt SS und Shirt LS in black and white and is complemented by two bottoms all in sizes S-L.


PIQUÉ COMO – symbiosis of two materials
The name says it all: this double weave fabric is comprised of cotton and MicroModal. This combination gives the underwear a natural feel, provides optimal moisture balance and pampers the skin with its smoothness. The elastane additionally ensures a perfect fit. Piqué is a fabric with a relief style surface and excels with its high durability. The overcast seams underline the excellent processing quality and meet the highest expectations of wearing comfort.

Reflecting the stylish understatement, only a discreet logo adorns the bottom part. The brown selvage in the soft elastic band creates an exciting contrast.

The PIQUÉ COMO collection is comprised of three tops (Shirt NS, T-Shirt with V-neck and crew neck) and two bottoms (Slip, Pant) in black and white will be available from September in sizes S-XXL.


As part of its selective distribution growth in the best locations in the world, Zimmerli has opened its second boutique at the luxurious “Vremena Goda Galleries” shopping mall in Moscow, Russia. The brand has simultaneously won another prestigious customer with LE BON MARCHÉ in Paris, France.

Mono-brand-Boutique in Moscow‘s Luxury Mall
Following the successful opening of the first Flagship Store in Moscow in August 2013, Zimmerli has opened the doors of a second mono-brand-boutique. Discerning customers can dive into the 46 m2 wonderful world of Zimmerli where they will find the entire range of men’s and women’s wear (Basics and Fashion).

The specially developed space concept for boutiques and shop-in-shops in the mall offers our luxurious collection the ideal ambiance and environment. The high quality colours and material concept that one sees and feels perfectly matches our positioning requirements.

Zimmerli intends to open around three to four brand specific spaces every year. These could be shop-in-shops in cooperation with luxury department stores as was the case recently with Jelmoli in Zurich and KaDeWe in Berlin.

Additional Zimmerli addresses in Paris
LE BON MARCHÉ, the renowned left bank Parisian department store which is part of the LVMH Group, has been famous since 1852 as the address for aficionados of large brands. Besides luxury brands, the discerning international clientele can find an extensive choice of articles on four floors.

LE BON MARCHÉ has been a Zimmerli customer since the turn of the last century and was in fact one of the first customers. The store now stocks daywear from the Zimmerli Basic Collection for men as well as boxer shorts made from the noblest silk in their menswear department which opened in 2012. 


Frequently asked questions about Zimmerli of Switzerland’s Re-Launch

How was Zimmerli’s brand relaunch defined?
The brand orientation was redefined in five steps:
1. Definition of the brand’s current keys to success (“evolution”, not “revolution”)
2. Definition of the essential brand values
3. Definition of the unique positioning statement “The world’s finest underwear. Handmade in Switzerland since 1871”
4. Assessment and adaptation of the business strategy
5. Implementation in all dimensions, currently focused on brand presentation (logo, colours, imagery, typography and layout), a new generation of packaging and a retail design concept at the point of sales

What were the reasons behind the repositioning?
There were five driving factors:
1. Change of ownership (v.Nordeck-Holding, 2006) and changes in operational management and the supervisory board, resulting in a realignment of the brand and business management.
2. The recession in traditional Zimmerli markets due to the collapse of Lehman Brothers in autumn 2008.
3. The massive surge in the value of the Swiss franc since 2010, which cut our products’ profit margins by half on average (because costs are incurred in CHF but 80% of sales are in foreign currencies).
4. The knowledge that there was room for improvement in the previous market strategy.
5. The firm conviction that our brand has great growth potential – and that the market for luxury goods will continue to grow.

The strategic decision for the future of the brand is:
Pursue a forward-looking strategy with the aim of achieving annual sales growth of 10% per year – and with a clear commitment to Swiss production. Zimmerli has opted to swim against the current in these difficult times.

How do you intend to significantly increase brand recognition?
We will invest much more heavily in brand recognition in the future than was the case to date. In the immediate future, resources will be focused on increasing the visibility of Zimmerli at the point of sale. In 2012, we developed a highly successful retail design concept that works both in mono-brand boutiques such as in Paris, Moscow or Taipei and in shop-in-shops in locations such as Jelmoli in Zurich or KaDeWe in Berlin. Our goal is to establish an exceptional brand presence at the world's best locations. Visibility at the point of sale and creating the impression that Zimmerli is the very best are more credible and effective than expensive advertising campaigns.

What distinguishes Zimmerli from all other brands?
This is stated quite clearly in our brand slogan: Zimmerli makes the world's finest underwear. That is what we stand for. And not in some anonymous, automated mass production process, but one step at a time by expert hands. We've been doing this for over 140 years and always in Switzerland, without relocating production to a low-wage Asian country. No other brand can make this claim. Zimmerli stands for honesty, superior quality, tradition, craftsmanship and a product that speaks for itself. And all of these efforts have one central objective: to produce products that are an unsurpassable pleasure to wear.

What are the key elements of the new strategy?
The new strategy for continuous growth is based on a focused, strategic and resolute management of the brand. All decisions on actions we take are based on the question of whether it would strengthen or weaken Zimmerli. The business strategy envisions a focus on the core regions of Europe, USA, Russia and China; markets in which we have partnerships with the best department stores, undergarment stores and fashion stores. Retail design based on our brand-specific concept will create a space for the Zimmerli experience and set the stage for our timelessly designed underwear collections for men and women; the mix is approximately a third for women and two-thirds for men.

Why was the logo changed?
We believe that the previous pinstriped logo – aside from practical issues such as reproduction and readability – did not adequately embody the values of the brand. Moreover, the “feminine” side of the brand was not represented in the logo at all. At the same time, it was important to us to evolve the design rather than change it completely. The result is a form that strongly recalls the old logo, but perfectly represents the class, elegance and timelessness of Zimmerli.

Why were the colours brown and beige selected for the brand?
The colours embody the naturalness of the materials and the comfort of our products. Take untreated raw cotton and you have the light colour tone from Zimmerli. The strong brown evokes the soil from which living things grow; it transmits continuity, security, tradition and class. The logical connection to the brand is unmistakable.

What is the idea behind the new generation of packaging?
After extensive research into possible alternative packaging models, we opted to keep the cardboard box as it is easy to handle particularly at the point of sale and the customer can access the product easily.

The design, however, is completely new and transmits the strong visual brand identity with the brand colours, the brand logo and the brand slogan. The focus is intentionally on the product, presented by a natural-looking person who then fades into the background and allows the product to appear as the visual “hero” of the scene. At second glance the observer notices that the models assume a uniform pose for all products within a line. This, along with the names of the series, makes it easier to distinguish between the product lines.

Altogether the packaging is very typical for Zimmerli and is marked as always by an explicit distinctiveness from its competitors.

What rational benefit does the customer get out of the fact that the underwear comes from Switzerland and is made by hand?
The rational benefit is clear: Zimmerli strives daily to achieve the maximum level of haptic, material and visual quality with satisfied employees who approach their work with great dedication. Moreover, our products also meet the highest environmental criteria according to the Öko-Tex Standard and the strict regulations stipulated by Swiss law.

What measures are you taking to gain top international accounts?
We have expanded our internal sales organisation and appointed Klaus Wurmseder for the new position of international sales director. His mission is to promote the potential of the brand to international reference customers who are not yet Zimmerli customers. Not everyone knows that Zimmerli achieves top sales in all renowned department stores like KaDeWe, Harrods, Jelmoli and Barney’s New York. This certainty as well as the excellent customer service that we seek to provide make Zimmerli a sought-after brand for any exclusive retailer.


Zimmerli of Switzerland: making the most of the potential

Traditional Swiss brand Zimmerli of Switzerland is engaged in a repositioning. One reason is to consolidate its core brand values; the other, to get fit for the future by pursuing a growth strategy. The visible part is the new image that reflects the brand’s established values and positions the Aarburg-based company in the contemporary age.

Zimmerli of Switzerland is all about entrepreneurial thinking, bold technical innovation and an acute awareness of material and quality. This has led to a redefined business strategy based on success factors and brand values with substance. Brand perception is now aligned with the standard of excellence of the products. Deliberate positioning in the top bracket and commensurate rebranding will help to exploit Zimmerli’s future potential, worldwide. The claim “The world’s finest underwear. Handmade in Switzerland since 1871.” places the brand in a class of its own and is implemented accordingly in the new image of the traditional Swiss brand.

Zimmerli’s rebranding consists of the following measures: the logo has evolved further, looking more sensual and feminine. The new shape draws on lessons learned but goes further, reflecting the timeless class, elegance and good taste of Zimmerli. Brown and beige are the new brand livery, conveying warmth and the naturalness of the materials. The new-generation packaging is scaled down, elegant, typographically tidy and designed as a clear series. The new imagery depicts the product in union with contemporary architecture and breathtaking natural scenery, both representing a modern Switzerland to the world. The photographic production with the young American photographer Zoe Ghertner, in the Presenhuber holiday home in the Lower Engadin village of Vnà, makes its debut here. In 2012 a new shop floor plan was introduced. It functions in the same way for monobrand boutiques and shops in shops, and guarantees a systematic and exceptional brand presence and profile at the world’s best locations. Zimmerli’s rebranding has been devised and implemented by Neutral Zurich.

Five core values underpin the Zimmerli brand:
OBVIOUS TOP QUALITY – Zimmerli aspires to create the highest quality – quality that you can see and feel.
FINEST MATERIALS – To create the world’s finest underwear, Zimmerli exclusively uses materials made from the finest natural fibres.
ALL HANDMADE – Meticulously handmade: a concept from another time – and an indescribable privilege.
TIMELESS UNDERWEAR – For the style-conscious among us who are inspired by timeless elegance and true values.
SWISS COMPANY – Switzerland is today, just as it has been since 1871, the headquarters of our long-standing and traditional manufacturing establishment.

Zimmerli today and tomorrow
The brand Zimmerli of Switzerland today is known to a comparatively small, but influential and cultivated global group of connoisseurs. They love Zimmerli and are proud to identify with it. There is massive potential for Zimmerli here. The way ahead lies in further enhancing the brand profile and identifying firmly with Swiss production. The independent and attractive positioning must continue, with rational implementation of the unique world of the Zimmerli experience on the market at the world’s best locations.
The Zimmerli business strategy focuses on Europe, the USA, Russia and China – markets in which Zimmerli already works in partnership with the best department stores, lingerie stores and fashion shops. The company has expanded its internal sales organisation, adding a post of International Sales Director. Already, Zimmerli is always the bestseller in top emporia such as KaDeWe, Harrods, Jelmoli and Barneys New York.

Zimmerli of Switzerland’s history The success story began in 1870 with the far-sighted action of Pauline Zimmerli, of Aarburg, who purchased a hand knitting machine to build up her production of hosiery from fine yarn. She went on to buy more machines and sold as far away as Paris. Soon she launched the production of ribbed cloth and underwear, paving the way for a whole industrial branch. “Swiss ribbed goods” of elastic quality are the brainchild of Pauline Zimmerli. Her fine knitwear won a gold medal at the Universal Exposition in 1889. In 1900 Zimmerli won the exhibition prize known as the Grand Prix. In 1965 Zimmerli took over a production site at Coldrerio, in the Swiss Canton of Ticino, where highly qualified seamstresses maintain production of “The world’s finest underwear” to this day. To ensure succession and safeguard the company’s long-term independence, Von Nordeck International Holding AG took a majority shareholding in 2007. Zimmerli currently serves around 750 clients in 40 countries.

The Nordeck Group Von Nordeck International Holding AG is a family firm which invests in profitable, medium-sized niche purveyors with a focus on long-term commitments. Von Nordeck holds and develops top-quality, unique and successful factories which create a clear competitive advantage through products with emotional appeal. The Nordeck Group currently manages four companies: Hedwigsburger Okermühle, Zimmerli of Switzerland, Fritschi AG Swiss Bindings based in the Bernese Oberland, and horgenglarus, one of Switzerland’s oldest table and chair factories.


The seasonal collections for spring/summer 2014 from Zimmerli of Switzerland are all about refreshing colours combined with exclusive fabrics made from the finest natural fibres.
Rooftop gardens are being lavishly planted and decommissioned tram track beds transformed into green oases, while restaurants grow their own organic herbs on their roofs. The trends making themselves apparent among the urban population of major cities have proved an inspiration for the new Zimmerli of Switzerland women’s seasonal collection for summer 2014 – the answer to people’s longing for more leisure time spent in nature.

Zimmerli of Switzerland presents a truly eye-catching fresh rose print (Blossomtime) on mercerised cotton satin. The roses look astonishingly lifelike, lustrous in delicate tones of rosé and pink, evoking a wild rose hedge in an English cottage garden. The many colours featured in the print also serve as inspiration for many of the collection’s solid-colour patterns. These range from a warm sand tone, through to light coral in a mélange look, to denim blue and a refreshing aloe green. The collection was developed for women who want to feel good about themselves and use every colour in this comprehensive palette to enjoy a brief moment of pure joy. This is reflected in the three ranges: Blossomtime, Tilia and Danae in the daywear, sleepwear, and pleasurewear categories.

Zimmerli of Switzerland has a special surprise in store for loyal Basic customers: for the 2014 spring/summer season, the popular Fleur Magique, Maude Privé, Richelieu and Pureness collections are lustrous in the trendy summer colours blue, aloe, pale blush, dove and coral.

The men’s collection once again features sophisticated fabrics from one of Switzerland’s best weavers. Thanks to the mechanical process used in its manufacture, the chintzed linen is glossy like silk, an effect which can be seen and felt even after washing. Or there’s the georgette-like double cotton material, whose structure makes it very lightweight and pleasant to wear in summer. And the summer collection of course also makes use of the globally prized and unique Swiss cotton voile, this time in a strong green, teak and light blue. For its pyjamas, Zimmerli of Switzerland has sought inspiration from the 1920s and developed a wholly new cut. The top’s shawl collar can be worn as a high-fitting collar; the sleeves feature turned-up cuffs with piped edges, and the three elegant edged pockets give this item an “aristocratic” touch.

What would a summer collection be without polo shirts and swimwear? The two prints in the swimwear collection – a cashmere motif and a nautical chart – have been exclusively developed for Zimmerli of Switzerland. The polo shirts feature solid colours, with only a few discreet contrasts on the placket and a two-tone, double-knit collar, which make these shirts indispensable for an elegant, understated appearance. The world’s finest men’s underwear presents the most exquisite Filo di Scozia cotton underwear. Airy and light and with a subtle sheen, the slip, boxer short and T-shirt models are available in two varieties with horizontal stripes, in either indigo or teak. A luxurious elastic waist lends the underwear a touch of urban sophistication.